Sending to Senegal

Welcome To Sendwave!

Welcome to the Sendwave community - we're glad you're here! On this page we'll help you make your first transaction and get started saving time and money. If you're still having issues after viewing this page, reach out to us; we're here to help :) 

How do I send?

Follow the video above to see how to complete your first transaction. It also shows you how to add a promo code to get a credit on your first transfer.

Please make sure to take a photo of the front and back of your ID when prompted. The account will not be authorised until we receive both sides. (Passports and visas only need one side). Please follow these instructions:

To submit a photo of your passport, driver's license, or national ID:
1. Log into your Sendwave app and click on the "person-shaped icon" in the upper right-hand corner of the app.
2. You will see a menu of options - select “Upload ID Photo.”
3. You will be provided with an in-app camera.
4. Place your ID within the square camera box, click the camera icon to take the photo, and press “Submit”.

Card Payments

I'm in France. Why is my payment not going through?

Payments in Europe need to go through 3DS authorisation, which is usually done through your bank’s application, or via a SMS code. If the transfer doesn’t go through, no money is debited from your account for this transfer, but we put a hold on the transfer amount that will be released. You should see the authorization disappear within several business days, but in some cases this may take longer. Timing of the authorization release is completely dependent on your bank's processing time for our debit card processor.

Cards can only be used on one Sendwave account, so please do not share your card with anyone.

I'm trying to use PostePay. Why is my payment not going through?

Some users reported problems with transfer authorizations from Italian PostePay cards. If you are using a PostePay card and you don’t have the PostePay app on your phone, you will be asked to authorize the transfer by inserting the password that you use when you log in on the PostePay website. If instead you have a PostePay app installed on your phone, you will be asked to authorize the transfer by inserting the PosteID code that you created when you first used the PostePay app. Please make sure to have your PosteID code/ Postepay password ready when you make transfers.

Follow the video below to see how to authorize transfers from a Postepay card if you're having trouble. If you need to see how to update permissions on your Postepay app so you get prompted by Postepay to approved transactions, you can see how to do so here.

Why can’t I save my Postepay card in Sendwave?

Due to a recent policy change, Postepay cards now need to be enabled to make money transfers. Unless you enable your card to make transfers, you will not be able to save the card in Sendwave. The following video shows you how to enable the option for money transfers within the PostePay app: 

Where Does Sendwave Send Money?

We send money to every phone number in Senegal, where the money is either picked up from a Wave agent, or send directly onto a Wave mobile money account.  Learn more in the video below:


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