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Working at Sendwave

Join our global team bringing modern, affordable banking services to those who need them the most. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a compassionate work environment dedicated to using technology to help people connect and support each other, today in Africa, Asia and eventually, worldwide.

Our Values

We’re egolessly mission driven - We never forget why we’re in it, to make life better for everyone that touches our products. The people that trust Sendwave with their money — they’re our real bosses.  We make decisions by determining how we can best serve our users over the long term.  Everything we do is in service of this. In service of that mission, we:

  1. Prioritize fearlessly - We welcome there will always be more problems to solve and opportunities to pursue than we have capacity for.  We are not afraid to say no and we are willing to let fires burn, knowing confidently that to win we must discern and execute decisively on the vital few rather than the important many.
  2. Take full ownership of the outcomes that we’re responsible for - Our job is not to do what we can to solve a problem. It's to ensure that problem is solved. If an attempt to solve a problem doesn't work, we seek an alternative. If we need help, we request it, and, if necessary, demand it.
  3. Forge a diverse team and inclusive culture -  We believe the global challenges we’re addressing will best be met by a truly global, diverse team, working together.  We’re not naive to the systemic bias and discrimination that make this easier said than done—so we check our egos, listen deeply, and measure progress towards making this a fundamental part of our success.
  4. Maximize our rate of learning - We view projects as ever-evolving drafts and welcome opportunities to discover that what we had in mind won't work so we can move to an even better end state. Most importantly, we do this fast. The faster we run these loops—as a company and individuals—the faster we’ll achieve our mission.
  5. Embrace embarrassing honesty from ourselves and others - We function best when we're open and honest with one another - especially about our challenges and doubts.  We lean into uncomfortable conversations, and support our colleagues when they do the same.
  6. Maximize for energy, not time spent - We measure our own and others contribution to the company by work completed, not time spent working.  We believe work/life balance is compatible with, even necessary for, high achievement over the long term.

Because we work in a 100% remote environment, we happily hire people from all over the world who share our mission of making sending money as easy as sending a text.

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