Why Trust Sendwave

We’re dedicated to making it easy for you to reliably, quickly and safely transfer funds to loved ones. That’s why we use secure transaction processes, from the moment you download the app to when the recipient receives your money.



To open a Sendwave account, we might need you to verify your identity by showing a form of ID, as well as inputting a unique security code.

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Data Protection

Data security is our top priority. We work hard to protect all your data, including transaction history, passwords and personal information.

Fraud Prevention

We use advanced technology to help us detect and prevent suspicious activity and fraudulent behaviour.

Account Protection

Enabling Two-Factor authentication on your Sendwave account is easy - it takes only a few taps in the App.

Unauthorized Use

If you ever notice unauthorized activity on your Sendwave account, contact our customer service team as soon as possible.

Trust & Regulations

Sendwave and our affiliates are regulated in each of the countries where we offer money transfer services.

24/7 Help

If you find yourself needing assistance with our app, the Sendwave team is always on hand at any time by in-app chat or email for up-to-date support. For call support hours, please click the “Contact Us” button.

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