Referral Code Terms and Conditions

You can invite your friends to use Sendwave with your own personal promo code. When they execute their first transaction, you'll both get a referral amount (cash credit). The referral amounts you and your friend will receive are specified in the Sendwave app. The referral amount is a cash credit which you can freely use as payment for your next Sendwave transactions.

‍ To access and share your personal code, just log in to the Sendwave app, click on the "Me" menu and then on "Refer a Friend". You will be able to copy and send your personal promo code to your friends with one of the messaging apps already on your phone. Your friends must enter the promo code in the Sendwave app when executing their first transaction. We will then automatically credit the referral amounts to both of you and you'll be able to monitor the referral amounts you earned in the Sendwave app.

‍ Your friends must be new users in order to use the promo code (they may not previously already have executed a transaction through the Sendwave app). We reserve the right to apply our fraud protection procedures and ask all necessary Know Your Customer related documentation before processing your friends' transactions. Our general terms and conditions and privacy policy apply to the transactions you and your friends send with Sendwave. We reserve the right to reject or cancel a referral amount for any legitimate reason and in particular in case of misuse of the Referral Program, creation of non-genuine user accounts, or non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

‍ We may amend or terminate this Referral Program at any time at our discretion and no new referral amount will be credited after we terminate this Referral Program. An already credited referral amount is only valid for a limited amount of time and expires after 12 months.