Sending money is as easy as sending a text.

Sendwave’s team of security experts use industry best practices to ensure your information is always secure.

Why choose Sendwave

Safe as can be

128-bit encryption keeps data and transactions safe 24/7.

No more guessing

You’ll know the exact moment your money hits their bank account.

Families first

Help your family back home with rent, tuition, medical expenses or even gifts.

Super affordable

99% of all our money transfers are free, and if there is a fee, it’s minimal.

Lightning fast

Send money faster than you can say “diaspora” (In any language).

Stay connected

With low to no fees, it’s easy to send small reminders that you care.

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Simply download the app, link your debit card, verify your identity and instantly transfer money to your friends and loved ones. Seriously, it’s that simple.