For here. For there. For home.

Sendwave launched in 2014 with our trusty penguin, who has spurred us on to where we are today. There are now over 1 million global citizens who rely on us to get their money where it’s going safely – every time.

We’re still by your side today. But, now, we’re doing more. With a strong foundation, we are creating a financial system that serves more of your needs. It’s changing the tide for mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles and friends.

And we’re doing it all with a brand new look and feel that’s going to better reflect the world we see – one for the diaspora, by the diaspora.


We exist to serve the people who have one foot in two countries. It’s their strength and resilience that inspires us to keep improving our product. 

Part of what it means to be “in your corner” is that we are expanding to reach even more migrants, dual nationals, global citizens, immigrants, expats – or whatever else you go by. To us, you are everyday heroes changing the tide for the people you love and trust.


Our new logo shows that connection with a wave-like ‘S’ in the shape of the world we call home. Keep an eye out for it on your home screen, where we hope we’ll firmly stay. Along with this change, our font has been customized with unique wave glyphs, which we called ‘Sendwavy’.

You may have noticed that our colors have also changed. Our primary palette reflects Earth, Sun and Sand tones to give us a natural feeling. While our secondary palette shows the tones of the skies across different continents. When it comes to showing people, places and products, we’re shifting our gaze to a more close-up and intimate look into the life of our global citizen. We’re bringing you in closer to see the details – the laugh lines, the freckles, the wrinkles – everything that makes you unique. Now with a warming tint for a cozier feel.

Frequently asked. Now answered.

When is all of this changing?
 The change to our look is effective immediately. You may have already seen the new look roll out across our social accounts and now our app, too.

What happened to the penguin?
 Our penguin logo has served us well over the last few years. But he’s earned a well-deserved rest, don’t you think? You might catch him travelling the world instead of connecting currencies across it.

Will the way I use the app change?
 Sending money from here to there will stay the same. We will still aim to make our money transfers as fast, secure and easy to send as they always have been. But the way that app looks, and more importantly how it feels while you’re using it will change.

Are you introducing new product features?
 Absolutely. We want to build a financial system made for the future of migrant life. We’ve got to keep some of those announcements under wraps for the time being, but we think you’re going to love some of our upcoming features!

Are you introducing new countries?
 Yes! We’re currently reaching over 1 million senders and recipients across the globe but our ambition is to connect every migrant that we can. That means more countries are being added to our ranks every month so, even if we don’t support your home country right now, chances are that we will in the future.

What if I’ve seen the penguin somewhere else?
 He can be a slippery character! Let us know where you see our old character or colors crop up and we’ll try to catch them for you.

What if I have any more questions?
 You can always email us at if anything you’ve seen so far is making you a bit nervous. We’d love to bring peace of mind to you and those you love back home, too.

Can’t wait to see the new Sendwave? The app is waiting for you now