Sendwave Pay Benefits

What do you get with a Sendwave Pay account

Better rates on your transfers

  • With Sendwave Pay, you get better rates or lower fees on your transfers with Sendwave

  • Send more money home for less

How to unlock:

  1. Deposit funds into your Sendwave Pay account

  2. Use Sendwave Pay as your primary payment method when you send money overseas

Carta di debito internazionale

  • Rimborso delle spese di transazione all'estero quando si utilizza la carta Sendwave Pay al di fuori degli Stati Uniti.

Come si sblocca:

  1. Dopo l'approvazione del conto, attendere fino a 2 settimane per l'arrivo della carta di debito.

  2. Attivare la carta di debito

  3. Alimentare il conto per utilizzare la carta di debito

Nessun costo nascosto

  • Nessuna spesa per la creazione del conto

  • Nessun saldo minimo o spese di mantenimento del conto

  • Nessuna commissione di scoperto

Disponibile automaticamente

Guadagnare lo 0,51% di interessi

Guadagna interessi sui fondi depositati sul conto Sendwave PayGli interessi vengono maturati automaticamente e versati mensilmente sul conto.

Come si sblocca:

  1. Depositare i fondi sul proprio conto Sendwave Pay

Assicurato FDIC

  • Il vostro conto è assicurato fino a 250.000 dollari.

  • I conti Sendwave Pay sono assicurati FDIC tramite Piermont Bank.

Disponibile automaticamente

What Else We’re Considering

Cash back on Debit Card Purchases

With cash back on your debit card purchases, you automatically earn money back on everything you buy with your Sendwave Pay card. This cash back is added to your account monthly to send with Sendwave or to spend with your Sendwave Pay debit card.

Mobile Deposits

Getting money into your Sendwave Pay account should be easy. We’re working on more ways to make that true, including things like mobile check deposit. With mobile check deposit, you can scan your check and have the funds quickly and easily deposited directly into your Sendwave Pay account.

Referral Bonuses

With referral bonuses, you’ll be able to gain credit for telling your loved ones about Sendwave Pay! You’ll be able to share your unique code with your friends and family and once they’ve set up their Sendwave Pay account and completed their first transfer, you’ll receive a bonus added to your Sendwave Pay account as our thanks.

Rainy Day Fund

We know cash can be tight at times which makes paying for emergency expenses stressful . With the rainy day fund, each month you spend a specific amount on your Sendwave Pay debit card, likely around $800, you’ll receive $50 into your rainy day fund. You can save up to a max of $200 into your rainy day fund. Then, when an emergency expense does come up, you can use the rainy day fund to cover those expenses and pay Sendwave back, interest free, over the coming months.

Credit Building

Typical banks don’t consider transfers you make abroad as part of your credit history or allow you to help use those to build your credit score. We want to change that.  We think they should count and you should get the credit! We’re exploring ways to use your sending history with Sendwave and Sendwave Pay as a way to help build and improve your credit score, with no added work on your side.