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Instant, no-fee transfers from North America and Europe to Africa and Asia with excellent rates.*

30 second transfers

From your smartphone to your recipients' mobile wallets.

Over 100,000 customers

Make us one of the world's leading remitters to East & West Africa.

World-class security

We encrypt all personal data so your info is always secure.

Trusted Transfer Provider

Sendwave is operated by Chime Inc. and is authorized to transmit money in the US, Canada, the UK and the EU.

The best way to send, hands down

With Sendwave you will always be able to send instant, secure money transfers at very affordable prices. See for yourself!

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*On transfers from EU countries to Senegal fees do apply at 1% of the amount sent, capped at 2€.
*On transfers from the US and UK to Bangladesh, 2% incentive sponsored by the Bangladesh Bank will be applied.
*On transfers from the US to Liberia fees do apply at 3% of the amount sent, capped at $20.