Customer Complaint Notices

Customer Complaints

How to make a complaint to Sendwave

There may be occasions when we didn’t offer you the best service. For this we apologise, to make a complaint, please submit a contact form here and include:

* Your user number
* Transaction number (s) if your complaint is about a specific transfer
* Full details of your complaint
* What would you like us to do to remediate

How we will handle your complaint:

Sendwave will:

* Notify you by email that we received  your complaint
* Request further information from you if required
* Investigate your compliant, referring to our
* email you to detail investigation steps explain the outcome of your complaint

We aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible, and in most cases we will arrange to send you a final response within 10 working days and for complex cases up to 35 days.

If you are still not happy:

If you are not happy with our final response, you can escalate to the dispute association for your location. Please find our regional contact details below.

Notice Requirements by Geography

Notice Requirements

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If you have any questions or complaints about your transaction please text, call, or email us.