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How to spot a Scam

We use technology to monitor use of our app, brand and platform, including registrations, transactions, account updates and logins. This helps us detect suspicious activity and fraudulent behaviour.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a practice used by fraudsters to steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card details, or identity information. Phishing most often comes in the form of scam emails or SMS text messages, which ask recipients to click on links or share private information through malicious websites or messages.

What do phishing emails & texts look like?

Phishing emails and text messages may look like they're from a company you know or trust, like a bank, a credit card company or an online payment app. Many of these messages use stolen images from a real company’s brand, but will not be from the real company, or hosted on their real website or app.

How can I tell the difference between a scam and a legitimate email from Sendwave?

Official emails from Sendwave will always be sent from email addresses ending in @sendwave.com, and our reply-to address will match. We will never ask you to click on a link or to provide us with personal information by email or SMS. We do not send links of any type via SMS/text message for our users to click.

Some other things that might suggest a scam or phishing email are:

Is it safe to click links in a phishing email or SMS message?

It’s recommended that unexpected emails be reviewed and opened with caution: Avoid downloading attachments or opening links in emails or SMS messages that you deem suspicious. Most email services have a phishing reporting capability within the email client.

How do I report a scam or phishing to Sendwave?

If you’ve received a suspicious message either by email or text that contains references directly to Sendwave, get in touch with us immediately.
You can do this by either email or phone, and we’ll be happy to review the “Sendwave” message and check if it’s really from us!

Email: help@sendwave.com 

Phone: 1-888-966-8603 (USA/Canada)
+44 113 320 7935 (UK)
+39 0230 57 84 68 (Italy)
+353 1 800 949 226 (Ireland)
+34 900 998 284 (Spain)
+33 5 19 74 15 37 (France)

24/7 Help

The Sendwave team is always on hand at any time by phone or email for up-to-date support if you find yourself needing assistance with our app.

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